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Skill bar is a widget that can be used to display & showcase your skills & what you are good at, with a clean & unique design styles. You have a large layout choice that you can choose from with modern effects & transitions.

Creative Design

Clean & creative design & layouts that you can choose from.

Transition Effects

Multiple transition & animation effects with customizable duration.

Multiple Layouts

Multiple layouts to choose from with custom bars, bubbles & more...

Creative, clean & modern that's what you've asked for !

Very clean design with full control over the color, alignments & font settings.

Drupal 8

Advanced Options

Skill bar gives you a lot of amazing features & options that you can enable with a simple click.

Stripes Animation

Customize the skill bar & add stripes with possible moving animation to attract your website visitors attention.

Steps Feature

Enable the step design feature, it will divide the skill bar widget to multiple parts depending on the number you choose.

Gradient Colors

Customize the color of the bar & it's background with gradient possibilities, the heading has gradient option too. 

Easy to Use & to
Customize Widget.

You can choose from many layout designs with unlimited color possibilities, the bellow some example that you can apply easily.

Gradient Color
Stripes Moving
Steps & Stripes

Multiple Layout Choices

With the skill bar you can customize the layout & choose the position of each element.

Content Position

Customize heading & percentage positions, you can individually choose to display them above or under the bar. 

Value Design

Apply custom layouts & styling for the percentage value & customize it's layout, text & the background color.

Everything Inside!

You can choose the layout style 4 to have all the elements heading, value insider the bar & customize colors & backgrounds.

Full Control Over The Skill Bar Widgets Options!

You have the full control to change or style everything about your widgets.

14 days money back guaranteed

You Deserve a Better Looking Website!

Purchase the most amazing & versatile widgets bundle for Elementor page builder and take your web design to the next level with our creative & unique elements.

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