A clean & powerful widget that will allow you to organize your web page. You can use it to add a fast go to scrolling menu type if you have long page with a lot of content, customize the style the look & the effects of your navigation.

Multiple Layouts

Choose from multiple layouts, positions & text alignments possibilities.

Custom Design

Customize the design & the style of your navigation links with hover effects.

Custom Fonts

Customize everything about the text & the font of the navigation links. 

Fast & Easy Steps

The side navigation is so easy to set up, with a lot of design & layouts options that you can choose from.

Add Links Item

Start by adding your navigation items & links, each item must have a unique ID that ID is the scroll to section CSS ID.

Choose Alignments

Customize the position of the side navigation container & choose the link items text alignment. 

Control the Font

Customize everything about the font & text, choose from more that 800 Google Fonts& control the sizes & spacing.

Apply Effects

Choose from multiple hover & active link effects & styles. The item will be activated once it's scrolled to the section.

Customize Colors

Customize the links colors, borders & backgrounds. Apply unique colors for the hover & activated item.

Add Content

For each navigation item link you need to create an elementor inner section with the ID that you gave in the link.  

Full Control Over The Light Box Gallery Widget!

You have the full control to change or style everything about your widgets.

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