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An eye catching element that allows your to display important messages in your web pages, this widget is meant to be used to display important notes, warnings to your visitors with unlimited styling & creative design possibilities.

Eye Catching

Attract the attention of your website visitors & display important messages.

Creative Design

Customize your alert box colors, backgrounds & font stylings.

Icons Support

Add an icon to your widget & control it's color, alignment & position.

Well Done !
You have successfully found the best Elementor widgets element.

Customize Everything!

Full control over the alert box styling allowing you to display the right message with the right design! 

Gradient Colors

Apply solid or gradient colors for your icon, title, message and background, combine colors & create beautiful designs,

Font Settings

Customize the title & the message font settings, choose from over 800 Google families with gradient color options.

Multiple Layouts

Customize the layout of your alert box & choose the alignment & position of each single widget element.

Click Action

Add a click action to your alert box widget, to give the possibility to your web page visitors to hide the widget.

Hide Timer

Custom timer to hide the widget automatically. Useful if you wan to display an alert for a short period of time.

Show Timer

Apply a custom timer to your widget, the alert box will be hidden until the time is done & it's shown automatically. 

Apply alert box action & animations

You can add a custom click action to the alert box widget or define a timer to show or hide the alert box in your page.

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Custom Icons, Colors & Backgrounds

The alert box can be used for multiple purposes, customize the color, icon & backgrounds to attract your visitors attention.

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Close Icon &
Hide Show Timers

Add custom close icon, you can also add a timer for the show or hide actions.

Click the close button to hide.
Show Effect
This is alert box is shown after 30 sec!
Hide Effect
This is alert box will be hidden after 2 min

Easy to Use & to
Customize Widget.

All the options & settings of the counter widget  are easy to use & to control, so you can create any design or layout you want.


Full Control

Control sizes, font settings & colors of all your elements.


Intuitive Options

​Clear settings options and easy customization process.


Gradient Colors

Apply gradients for headings & for backgrounds too.


Hover Effects

Customize the hover effect & styling of your counter icon.

14 days money back guaranteed

You Deserve a Better Looking Website!

Purchase the most amazing & versatile widgets bundle for Elementor page builder and take your web design to the next level with our creative & unique elements.
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