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Booster Addons Features


Advanced Settings

Even Further!

Using Booster Addons is about pushing the limits & giving our customers the full control over their website design & providing them with unlimited possibilities.

Why such a feature?

For advanced users, now you can add your custom CSS & JavaScript code to add your own design styles without the need to change the core code.

How does it work?

Just add you custom CSS or JavaScript code using the booster text editor then hit save! even if you update your plugin all the changes will be there.  


Add your custom CSS code & take your design further.

Text Editor

Use the ultimate Booster Addons text editor.


Advanced text editor with auto-completion.



Custom your advanced JavaScript code .

Global Styling.

When adding a custom CSS code it will be applied for all the pages in your website.

Advanced JS Code.

Customize your JavaScript by adding your own libraries or enhancing existing ones.

Advanced Usage.

When adding your code you must make sure it doesn't conflict with any existing code.

Custom Code

Unlimited Possibilities.

By adding your custom code you can make sure to add your own brand identity touch to your Booster Addons widgets & elements, you can use the CSS for example to apply a a unique & global color, add new hover effects & even more.

Advanced code editor.

CSS auto completion.

Code color schemes.

Code errors detector.

Global site styling.

JavaScript auto complete.

Unlimited possibilities.

14 days money back guaranteed

You Deserve a Better Looking Website!

Purchase the most amazing & versatile widgets bundle for Elementor page builder and take your web design to the next level with our creative & unique elements.
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