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Cross Domain CP

The Cross Domain Copy & Paste feature is a handful extension that allows you to copy widgets, sections or columns from a website to a whole other different website. With booster addons you can also copy & paste full pages. 

Copy Elements

Copy & paste any section, column or widget between different domains.

Copy Full Page

With booster addons you can copy & paste a full with all it's elements & design.

Time Saver

This extensions will save you tons of time if you are working on staging websites.

Work Smarter

Time Effecient

Use the Booster Addons Cross Domain Copy & Paste extensions to to copy your already designed elements & pages from domain to another domain.


Why cross domain CP extension.

Creating new websites from scratch & respecting deadlines in this fast world can be challenging for all of us.


That's why we have added the cross domain copy & paste extensions, so you can copy you previously designed widgets, sections or whole pages from domain to another client domain. Which will save you a lot of time & will make your Elementor and website design more easy.


How to use this extension.

First of all you need to make sure you have in both sites that you are designing Booster Addons Free + Pro version.


To use the cross domain copy & paste feature is really simple, just right click on any section, column or widget and choose copy, then go to your second website and paste in your page, All the data & styling will be the same.


Full page copy & paste.

In case you want to copy a full page you don't to go with the traditional & not health way! of exporting & importing the page, with booster addons just click on anywhere in your page & choose Copy Full Page, then go to your target website domain in the Elementor editor click anywhere & choose Past Full Page.

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