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Background Objects Decoration

Objects decoration allows you to add SVG shapes and objects to your sections background with custom styling, effects and animations with possible parallax and auto moving styles which gives your section more unique look and styles.

Unlimited Objects

Use the default pre defined shape objects or upload your SVG ones.

Custom Styling

Customize the style, color, position & animation for all devices.

Parallax & Hover

Customize the animation effects with possible parallax on scroll or on hover.

Unlimited Possibilities

Tired of Boring Sections!

Use the background decoration objects & add some life to your sections by breaking that boring white space without having to worry about loading speed.

why decoration

The SVG decorations can be useful if you want to break that boring white space in your sections without sacrificing much.

Styling & Effects

Customize the styling of the objects by applying colors or gradients colors & choose one of our many effects possible.

Blazing Fast

Using our background decoration is better that uploading a whole background image, it's fast, easy & more customizable.

Control Everything

Objects Decoration Manager

We have a set of beautiful objects and shapes that you can use by default, but if you want your own don't worry we have created this manager so you can upload your SVGs.


Upload Objects

Choose from our objects list or upload your custom SVG objects to be used as decorations for your elementor page sections.


Enable Decoration

Enable background decoration on your elementor sections & start adding as many objects you as want. 


Objects Styling

Each single object in your sections can be styled individually by apply gradient colors, transitions & parallax effects. 

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